How to Add Your Logo

1. Go to your website, and click login on the top right corner. Enter your username and password. Then click "Login." Once logged in, you should see the Dashboard. 

2. Click on "Website Settings" to get to the Website Settings page. 

3. Click on "Store Branding." You will now see the Store Branding page. 

4. Find the "Store Logo" field. Click on "Browse" to select your logo from your own computer. The logo will display in the top left of your website. If possible, you should have the logo saved as a png, jpg, or gif file. Ideally the logo is not over 200 pixels tall. If it is, our system will resize it automatically for you. Once you have your logo selected, scroll down and click "Save."

5. That's it! Your logo is now uploaded. You should see it when you visit your new store.