How to Create a New Product

1. Go to your website, and click login on the top right corner. Enter your username and password. Then click "Login." Once logged in, you should see the Dashboard. 

2. Click on "Decorated Products" to get to the Manage Decorated Products screen. 

3. Click "Create a Decorated Product NOW" if it's your first product, or "Create Decorated Products" on the top right if it's not your first product. This will take you to a list of the blanks that you can select. 

4. Select the type of shirt you want to use. After selecting the shirt, click "Continue," and you will arrive at the Designer screen.

5. Use the design tool's features to get it to look the way you want. There are many possibilities. Click "Add design" and upload your design. When uploading your own design, the best type of file to use is a high res PNG file with a transparent background. You may also use other file formats, such as EPS, GIF (transparent background please), or even a jpg. When using a png, gif, or jpg, please make sure you upload a file with sufficient resolution to print at your desired size. The design tool will warn you if there is a problem with the artwork resolution. Feel free to contact us at mwalls@g2oh.com with any questions. You may also select from the stock designs we provide. Click "add text" to add any text you would like to the shirt. You can combine designs that you upload with text fields. There is a huge list of fonts to select from, and a color selector to change font colors. You can change the default shirt color that the design goes on using the "Product Colors" thumbnails. If you want to add a design to the back of the shirt, you can click on the "back" view to do so. Once you are happy with your design, please click "Save and Continue." Hint: For text fields...If you click on "advanced," you can allow people to personalize the text. 

6. Add a name and description to your new product, as needed. Then click "Continue."

7. Now pick what shirt colors you want this design printed on. By default, all colors are auto-selected. If the design will only look good on certain colors, uncheck the "all colors" box, and select the colors that work. After doing this, you can click "Select Products" in the top right, and apply this design to more products. This will save you time if you want to use the same design on many product types. 

8. After you are happy with the color selection, click "Save and Continue." The system will say "Processing Products." Once done, it will say "Finished." Go ahead and click "Continue" to be taken to the product pricing screen. 

9. On the Product Pricing screen, you can see a breakdown of the cost and the amount of profit you will make when you sell a shirt. Click "View" under "Breakdown" to see the details. You can make adjustments to this as needed by unchecking the "use default" box, and changing the pricing on the product. Once you are happy with the pricing breakdown, click "Save and Finish." 

10. Congratulations! You've now added new products to your store! You may edit your products anytime by going to "Decorated Products" and clicking "Configure" for the product you want to edit. Please feel free to email us at mwalls@g2oh.com if you need any assistance.