How to Customize or Change Your URL (Optional)

You can change the URL of your store to anything you want, so long as nobody else is already using it. By default, your store is setup as "yourstore.g2ohcustom.com." You can follow these instructions to set it to your own URL, or just to make a slight change. 

1. Go to your website, and click login on the top right corner. Enter your username and password. Then click "Login." Once logged in, you should see the Dashboard. 

2. Click on "Website Settings." 

3. Click on "Edit Domain Name" under "Store Configuration." You will now see "Domain Settings." 

4. Your domain name is set to the URL you picked when creating the store by default. For example, it will be "yourstore.g2ohcustom.com." You ocan change it by clicking "Edit." If you purchased your own domain name that you wish to use (EG www.yourstore.com), please read and follow the directions on the Domain Settings page to use your domain name. If you want to make a simple change, say from "yourstore1.g2ohcustom.com" to "yourstore2.g2ohcustom.com," you can do so on this page. 

5. After making any changes you would like to save, please scroll down and click "Save."

6. All done!